Who Are We

We’re an experiment, a membership community of curious, high-impact individuals from different industries and sectors who come together regularly to work on complex business and societal issues. In an increasingly polarised world, we bring courage, compassion and imagination to the task of shaping the future.

Our mission

The Catalyst Network supports individuals who are pioneering new and original approaches to change. We enable and champion breakthrough thinking and practice within organisations, different industries and communities.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

Franz Kafka, writer

What's a Catalyst?

Catalysts are different in how they see the world and generate value. As individuals, Catalysts create immense value. Together, they’re a potent force for good.

The human brain.. made us curious and very creative. Those were the characteristics that gave us an advantage – curiosity, creativity and memory. And that brain did something very special. It invented an idea called ‘the future’.

David Suzuki, environmentalist

How we work


Individually and in collaborations, Catalysts contribute to, design and lead initiatives to improve wellbeing and ensure our collective prosperity. Examples include a pilot on South Australia’s new economic future, homelessness, a universal basic income for Australia, community social resilience, emergency preparedness and 21st century learning models.

Research and consulting

Catalysts have a unique capacity to create and lead transformative initiatives. We work with organisations to harness this capability internally and on cross-industry and multi-sector initiatives that produce positive social and business outcomes.

Coaching and facilitation

Our coaching programs support individuals with some understanding of complex systems, deep intellectual curiosity, courage and the potential to achieve positive impact in their domain. We help them envision, mobilise and lead significant change, navigate complex systems, influence at senior levels and create and leverage diverse coalitions. Our facilitation draws on a range of psychology, innovation and systems thinking methods and approaches.

The wise person doesn’t give the right answers, but poses the right questions.

Claude Levi-Strauss, anthropologist

Contact Us

For more information about Catalyst Network activities, contact Josie Gibson on +61 (0)400 163311 or josie@thecatalystnetwork.co

‘Put smart, passionate people in a room together, charge them with identifying and solving problems, and encourage them to be candid with one another… In many ways it is no different to any other group of creative people – within it you will find humility and ego, openness and generosity. It varies in size and purpose, depending on what it has been called upon to examine. But always, its essential element is candor.’

Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation, ‘Creativity, Inc.’