The Catalyst Network is a community of high-impact individuals who come together regularly to work on complex business and societal issues. In an increasingly polarised world, it bridges the gap between talk and action, theory and outcomes. It brings extraordinary leadership and diversity to the task of shaping the future.


Current leadership approaches have failed us in the face of unprecedented change. We see the evidence in declining productivity and engagement and in the constant challenge to remain relevant and competitive. The Catalyst Network harnesses a different type of leadership, one that’s comfortable with extreme complexity and uncertainty and helps people make sense of our volatile world.

‘A startling 86% of respondents agree that we have a leadership crisis in the world today.’

World Economic Forum’s Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015

Who are Catalysts?

Catalysts are the unserved part of the leadership population. They’re distinguished by the unique way they see the world and create value. They work across silos, transcend politics and create the conditions for new products, business models and alliances to emerge. As individuals, Catalysts create immense value. Together, they’re a potent force for good.


Catalyst Community

As the old economy transitions to the new, we urgently need more leaders with the mindset, skills and experience to collaborate on sustainable solutions. The Catalyst Community is an invitation-only membership of change agents we convene regularly to build their capabilities and expose them to big business and societal issues, which they try and solve together.

Catalyst Circle 

Native Catalysts are often influential leaders with demonstrable track records of achievement. Given the unique way they think and operate, it can be a lonely job. We know that Catalysts benefit from high-calibre peers they can relate to, support and collaborate with. The Catalyst Circle is an invitation-only group for senior leaders who think differently and want to work together on the nation-building issues that demand our attention.

‘They mobilize people to fix what is flawed or broken. They generate movements to tackle complex issues. They transform teams, organizations, communities, and nations. They help us to think differently about the world, and to take actions to make it a better place.’

Dean Williams, Head, World Leaders Project, Harvard Center for Public Leadership, and author, Leadership for a Fractured World (2015)

How we work


As well as community-based problem-solving sessions, we design and lead initiatives to ensure our collective prosperity. Current examples include a cross-sector pilot to accelerate the emergence of South Australia’s new economic future, and a multi-stakeholder retail industry transformation program.

Research and consulting

We’ve initiated a global research project to identify Catalysts’ unique capacity to create and lead large-scale transformation. Catalysts’ capabilities have been harnessed by organisations to explore issues such as viable not-for-profit funding models, alternative refugee employment pathways and how to create a pipeline for high-quality retiree housing stock.

Coaching and facilitation

Our coaching service is designed to accelerate development of capabilities around envisioning and mobilising significant change, navigating complex systems, influencing at senior levels and collaboration on multi-stakeholder initiatives. We also arrange mentors, advisers and facilitators from within the Catalyst cohort on a case-by-case basis.

‘In spite of decades of research, teaching, writing, blogging, numerous leadership books and articles, an enormous expenditure on leadership development, TED talks etc, the evidence is clear – the leadership industry in all its forms and incarnations has completely failed.’

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Graduate School of Business, AGSM/Unilever Distinguished Visitor

About us

Josie Gibson

A former journalist, Josie has a longstanding interest in management, leadership, networks and emerging trends. She has held senior roles in organisations in different industries and has experience across all sectors. An entrepreneur and innovator, Josie co-created Australia’s first leadership index and founded and built several highly successful businesses including a chief financial officers membership, initiatives for senior women in business, and a collaborative innovation venture. Through this, she has coached and mentored scores of executive leaders in Australia and internationally.

Mobile: +61 (0)400 163 311
Email: josie@thecatalystnetwork.co

Sacha Albert

Sacha has extensive experience building and nurturing senior executive networks. During five years with CEO Forum Group she organised major government forums in Australia and New Zealand that put key policy and political decision-makers in front of foreign investor CEOs, part of a comprehensive program of executive retreats, professional networking lunches and business briefings. She has managed projects across a range of industries and has a passion for connecting people, broadening thinking and encouraging learning through exposure to influential business figures, innovators and thought leaders.

Mobile: +61 (0)410 189 478
Email: sacha@thecatalystnetwork.co

‘The premise is simple: Put smart, passionate people in a room together, charge them with identifying and solving problems, and encourage them to be candid with one another… In many ways it is no different to any other group of creative people – within it you will find humility and ego, openness and generosity. It varies in size and purpose, depending on what it has been called upon to examine. But always, its most essential element is candor.’Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation, 'Creativity, Inc.' (2014)